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The donation you give today is fuel for our legal innovators in the fight for a brighter tomorrow.

Help Us Fight Unjust Laws

Give today to support healthcare freedom, religious freedom, crimimal justice reform, women’s rights, veteran’s rights, and first amendment rights. 

People need assistance to keep their heads above water in these times of unprecedented laws and mandates. As a result, many have sunken into a sea of depression and hopelessness. With your financial support, we’ll fight to dismantle the structural and systemic barriers that disproportionately impact communities of color. Your donation helps with the cost of litigation to restore the loss of jobs, wages, and dignity to hard-working Americans.

While we welcome donations of any amount, consider a recurring gift. Systematic giving is an easy way to support us on a schedule and budget that works for you. It only takes a moment and helps provide a constant funding source to Women Of Color For Equal Justice.






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