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Legislative Mobilization

Drafting effective, implementable, and innovative legislation.

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Do you want to change the law or create a new law? We are legislative innovators who understand the bottom line of policy goals and objectives.


Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion is a fundamental human right for all American citizens.

Religious Exemptions

Religious exemption laws permit people, churches, non-profit organizations, and sometimes corporations to seek exemptions from state laws that burden their religious beliefs.


Women's Rights

The wage gap is a harsh reality for women, regardless of education and work experience.

Pay Equity

The wage gap typically translates into more than $10,000 per year in lost earnings for women.

We Need You

It’s time to take action. Let your voice be heard.

Our Mission

Women Of Color For Equal Justice is a national affiliate of the Madison Economic Development Corporation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate structural and systemic barriers to equality and economic justice and development for communities of color around the country.

Our Work

Criminal Justice Reform

We craft legislation to decrease mass incarceration that disproportionately targets people of color.

First Amendment Rights

Your right to peacefully protest and practice religion is a fight we never shy away from and always welcome.

Healthcare Freedom

Employers must provide PPE and reasonable accommodations to ensure their staffs’ safety.

Women's Rights

From workplace discrimination to pay equity and issues of violence, we advocate for the rights of all women.

Veteran's Rights

We’re devoted to fighting for veterans’ rights, the ones who commit to making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Religious Freedom

No American should lose their job for practicing their religion; it’s your right to receive a religious accommodation.

Our organization works to protect the following particularly for the vulnerable communities of color around the country:

  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Women’s Rights, specifically pay equity
  • Religious freedom
  • Medical freedom
  • Parental rights
  • Educational freedom, whether in public, private, or home schools
  • First Amendment rights
  • Second Amendment rights
  • Free enterprise/capitalism, unencumbered by government regulation
  • Military service members and Veterans’ rights, including veteran healthcare in and out of the service
  • Environmental safety, especially the removal of radiological and chemical toxins
  • Food Equity and the right to Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine in food deserts

Proposed Legislation 

Below is our proposed legislation on Criminal Justice Reform. Click on any PDF Icon to download a file. The document “Criminal Jutice Reform Continuum” contains an infographic with links to the indiviual bills.

   Criminal Justice Reform Continuum


   Police Brutality Reform


   Prosecutorial Reform


   Judicial Review Reform


   Inmate Health Reform


   Returned Citizen Reform


Women Of Color For Equal Justice is an Affiliate of the Madison Economic Development Corp. 501(c)3 EIN #26-1289930.

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